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Photo of Apple Conserve organic jam in a glass mason jar with orange wrap label.

Apple Conserve Jam

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Tastes like fall in a jam jar. Local apples mingle with raisins, cinnamon, and nutmeg for a jam that goes just as well savory as it does sweet.

How to Use:

All of our jams are great on everything from basic bread and beyond -- serve with cheese (as simple as cream cheese or as elaborate as brie); brush on chicken, fish, or pork for grilling; or use in any baking recipe that calls for jam. 8 oz. glass jar. Please reuse or recycle your jar when finished.

Our Recipe:

Made with only the freshest, ripest fruit. We work with each fruit as it comes into season in our area. In June we’re making strawberry jams, and by late August, we are starting on the peaches. All fruit and peppers are purchased from local, Lancaster County, PA farmers. All herbs are either grown on-premise or purchased from local farmers that we know and trust. All citrus ingredients are derived from fresh fruit.

Ingredients: Sustainably grown apples, organic sugar, raisins, water, pectin, fresh lemon juice & rind, ground cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg

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